Registration and Payment

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  • How do I register?

    To register for classes, afternoon activities and sports camps, visit

    All courses and activities are filled on a first-come, first served basis. For courses that reach capacity, waiting lists will be established.

    When registering for classes, please make sure to register your student(s) for the grade they will be entering in Fall 2019.
  • I have multiple children who would like to attend, how do I register?

    Visit to create an online account for the summer program. Next, add each child to the main account. Please complete an online registration for each camper you wish to enroll.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?

    Electronic payments can be submitted through CampBrain. The Summer Program accepts all major credit cards except for American Express.
  • What is the Early Bird Registration Discount?

    To take advantage of the Early Bird Registration Discount, please register for classes, sports camps, and afternoon activities by Sunday, Mar. 31, and receive 10% off.

    *The Early Bird Registration Discount applies only to Parker taught classes and sports camps. Outside vendor-directed camps are not eligible for the Early Bird Discount.
  • Who can attend Summer at Parker?

    Parker’s Summer Program is open to the general public. All Junior Kindergarten-Grade 12 campers are welcome! An increasing number of students enroll from public and independent schools throughout San Diego County and beyond.

    In addition, the Program continues to attract international students. International students enrolling in Summer at Parker should be proficient in English (spoken language, and for some classes reading and writing) in order to fully benefit from the class. Students may be advised to withdraw or switch classes if not meeting language proficiency standards.
  • Is financial assistance available?

    Financial assistance is available to Francis Parker School families. For questions about financial assistance, please contact Additional information can be found here.

    Upper School Students: Financial assistance is only applicable to Summer courses supporting the fulfillment of Parker’s academic requirements.
  • Can a class be prorated?

    Due to the short duration of the Summer program, classes will not be prorated. There are no refunds for absences.
  • What are the class fees and refund policy?

    Class fees vary and are dependant on staffing needs and materials. Specific fee amounts can be found under each class description.

    You may cancel a class selection at any time; provided, however, in the event a cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to the class, you shall be required to pay the applicable cancellation fee set forth in the table below:

    Number of days prior to class
    30 days or moreN/A
    15 to 29 days25% of Class Fee
    Fewer than 14 days100% of Class Fee

    Please note: The $25 CampBrain registration fee is non-refundable
  • Is there a possibility a class will be canceled?

    Rarely, Parker must cancel a class due to low enrollment. To avoid any inconvenience to participants and teachers we will ensure enrollment meets minimum levels before final confirmation two weeks in advance of the start date. If you wish to be transferred to a different class you may indicate your second choice, in the event that a class is not offered and we will make our best efforts to provide priority registration in the event of a canceled class.

Course and School Offerings

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  • Where do the summer offerings take place?

    Parker has two campuses. The Lower School is located on the historic Missions Hills Campus. The Middle School and Upper School are located on the state-of-the-art Linda Vista Campus. 

    Junior Kindergarten-Grade 5
    Mission Hills (Lower School) Campus
    Address: 4201 Randolph Street, San Diego, CA 92103
    Phone: 619 / 298-9110

    Middle School and Upper School
    Linda Vista (Middle and Upper School) Campus
    Address: 6501 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA 92111
    Phone: 858 / 569-7900

    If the class activities occur off campus, the class will meet on campus at the posted start time and take campus transportation.
  • Is transportation available?

    Francis Parker’s bus services are available for morning pick-up and afternoon drop off (to/from the Mission Hills and Linda Vista Campus) serving the following area: North County Coastal-Del Mar Heights Road (pending minimum enrollment). Exact times will be shared in the near future, however, students will arrive at Parker prior to the first-morning class session and depart after 3:30 pm. 

    There is a flat $50/week fee for the bus service.

    To register, please visit

    To avoid any inconvenience to participants, we will ensure enrollment meets minimum levels before final confirmation two weeks in advance of the start date. However, if the service must be cancelled due to low enrollment, a full transportation refund will be provided. 

    Note: Shuttle services between campuses will not be offered. Transportation will be offered to and from field trips that are a part of the course offerings.

    For any questions, please contact Debbie Burzynski, Director of Transportation (858 / 569-7900 x 4125).
  • What requirements are needed to participate in the Junior Kindergarten Summer Program?

    Students enrolling in Junior Kindergarten, Little Explorers must be 4 years old before the start of the camp. Additional forms will also be sent to families after registration and must be completed prior to the first day of the student's participation.
  • Is snack and lunch available?

    Mission Hills (Lower School) Campus: A prepared nut-free lunch and morning/afternoon snacks are provided for all students enrolled in the Lower School program at no additional charge. Gluten-free options are available on both campuses.

    Linda Vista (Middle and Upper School) Campus:  For students enrolled in both morning and afternoon classes, lunch is included. For those enrolled in either morning or afternoon classes separately, lunch may be pre-purchased at the time of registration. Students may also bring their own nut-free lunches.
  • Do you offer “for academic credit” classes? What is the attendance policy?

    Yes. “For academic credit” classes will be noted in the course descriptions. Please note, students who wish to enroll in courses designated “for academic credit” must receive departmental approval in advance of registering. Approval forms are available in the Summer Program office or online at

    Academic credit for some classes offered during the Summer Program is applicable on the following basis:

    • Full Year Credit:  6 weeks (120 hours of in-class instruction), 6 credits
    • Trimester Credit: 2 weeks (40 hours of in-class instruction), 2 credits
    A student who is absent for more than one (1) scheduled class in a two-week Session will prevent the student from meeting the classroom attendance requirement and being in compliance University of California standards for classes earning academic credit. Accordingly, the class will then be taken by the student for enrichment purposes only and will not be assigned formal academic credit. (During Session I, and with July 4 falling on a scheduled class day (Thursday), this day will be assigned as the official day of absence for all Upper School students enrolled in a credit-worthy class.)

    The only extenuating circumstance will be if a student is absent due to illness or a medical emergency; in that instance, provisions will be made to make up that class, bearing in mind the following:
    1. A doctor’s note will be required to confirm the absence, and presented to the teacher and the Summer Program office;
    2. In as much as each class typically runs four (4) hours, the student will need to make arrangements with the teacher to make up the missed class (or classes) on a private tutorial basis at the rate of $75/hr;
    3. The missed class or classes must be made up before August 30, 2019 and are subject to the teacher’s availability.
  • What materials and supplies are needed for camp?

    All materials and supplies are included in the fees for the class unless otherwise noted.
  • Where do we go on the first day of camp?

    Mission Hills (Lower School) Campus:
    Check-in will be available near the entry gate at the start of the session. Summer staff will be available to answer any questions and will be stationed in the main office for the duration of the program.

    Linda Vista (Middle and Upper School) Campus:
    Curbside check-in will be available at the start of the session. Summer staff will be available to answer any questions and will be stationed in the Middle School Office for the duration of the program.
  • What type of attire should be worn?

    Students should dress summer casual. Recommended attire for girls are blouses or polo shirts, slacks or shorts (of an appropriate length). For boys, sport or polo shirts, slacks or shorts are suggested. Jeans and t-shirts for both girls and boys are acceptable but must be neat and free of holes or tears.
  • What are the behavior expectations?

    The Parker Summer Program reserves the right to dismiss at any time, any student whose deportment or conduct is deemed inappropriate, unsafe and/or counter to the classroom experience or to the goals of the Summer Program. Under no circumstances will bullying or hazing be tolerated. In the instance of dismissal (or a student withdrawal once classes have begun), no refund of tuition will be issued.
  • How will July 4 be recognized?

    There will be no classes on Thursday, July 4 in observance of the national holiday.
  • How are course grades/comments processed?

    At the Upper School level, grades and comments will be prepared by teachers and relayed to students and families at the end of each session for the trimester and year-equivalent credit courses, as well as a final grade report at the end of the course. Grades are not recorded for Lower School or Middle School courses.
  • Is there a possibility a class will be cancelled?

    Rarely, Parker must cancel a class due to low enrollment. To avoid any inconvenience to participants and teachers we will ensure enrollment meets minimum levels before final confirmation two weeks in advance of the start date. If you wish to be transferred to a different class you may indicate your second choice, in the event that a class is not offered and we will make our best efforts to provide priority registration in the event of cancelled class.

Health and Safety

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  • What is Parker's food allergy plan and protocol?

    Parker takes life-threatening food allergies seriously and has provided a nut-aware cafe on the Linda Vista and Mission Hills campus. Parents are asked to inform the Summer Program Office if their student has any food allergies. This information will be shared with staff as warranted to ensure student safety.

    Additionally, parents are asked to provide at least one epinephrine autoinjectors to school in case of an anaphylactic episode. Please note that staff will do the following in case of an anaphylactic event:
    1. Administer the epinephrine to the student, 2. Call 9-1-1, 3. Notify parents of the situation.

    Parents are asked to have their physician or specialist fill out a food allergy action plan and bring the completed plan to the school nurse prior to the start of the Summer Program or upon diagnosis of anaphylaxis. Click here for a sample food allergy action plan. Also, please have your provider or specialist fill out the Parent/Guardian and Physician Request for Medication Form, one for each medication to be administered at school. 

    Finally, if you would like your student to carry an epinephrine autoinjector on his person while at school, please complete a Permission to Carry an Epinephrine Autoinjector form and return the completed form to the Summer Program Office prior to the start of the school year.
  • What if my child is required to take medication during the day?

    Parents are asked to complete and submit the Request for Administration of Medication Form to the Summer Program Office if their child requires any prescription or over-the-counter medication during school hours.
  • What if my child becomes sick or injured during the program?

    Parker takes student safety very seriously. However, no matter how many precautions we take, accidents and illness may occur. During our summer program, we have a registered nurse available for consultation by faculty, staff and parents/guardians. Additionally, our camp counselors and faculty/staff are trained in CPR and first-aid. Parents/guardians or emergency contacts will be contacted as soon as possible. 

Mission Hills Campus Lower School

4201 Randolph Street
San Diego, CA 92103

Linda Vista Campus Middle/Upper School

6501 Linda Vista Road
San Diego, CA 92111
858 / 569-7900